Q1. Much is related to many in the same way as measure is related to……

A. Count

B. Calculate

C. Measure

D. Weight

(A) Much is synonym of many Similarly measure is synonym of count.

Q2. Cube is related to square in the same way as square is related to…….

A. Plane

B. Triangle

C. Line

D. Point

(C) Cube comprises square on all of its surfaces. In the same way square comprises line on all of its sides.

Q3. MP is related to HK in the same way as WZ is related to…….?






M5H     W5RP5K      Z5U

Q4. Man : Mammal :: ?

A. Hail : Snow

B. Native : In habitat

C. Offspring : Family

D. Liberty : Literate

(A) As man is mammal. Similarly Hail is snow.

Q5. Red Fort : India :: Eiffel Tower : ?

A. Germany

B. England

C. France

D. Japan

(C) Red Fort is situated in New Delhi, India . Eiffel Tower is situated in Paris, France.

Q6. Sheep : Lamb :: Butterfly : ?

A. Pup

B. Moth

C. Cub

D. Caterpillar

(D) The young one of sheep is called lamb. Similarly, the young one of butterfly is called caterpillar.

Q7. Sparrow is to Bird as Apple is to …….

A. Orange

B. Peel

C. Pear

D. Fruit

(D) Sparrow is a bird. Similarly, apple is a fruit.

Q8. Giant to Dwarf as Genius is to ……

A. Tiny

B. Child

C. Intelligent

D. Idiot

(D) Giant is opposite in meaning to Dwarf. Similarly, Genius is opposite in meaning to idiot.

Q9. Book is to open as door is to……..

A. House

B. Shut

C. Close

D. Wood

(B) A ‘Book’ is ‘opened’ before reading it. Likewise movement of Door is called Shut for the purpose of closing it.

Q10. Science is related to Laboratory in the same way as Astronomy is related to…….?

A. Observatory

B. Telescope

C. Space

D. Station

(A) Scientific experiments are conducted in a laboratory. Similarly, astronomical observations are made in an observatory.

Q10. Lion is related to Ferocious in the same way as Dog is related to……….?

A. Mischievous

B. Faithful

C. Timid

D. Industrious

(B) Second denotes a striking characteristic of the first.

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