Percentages Part 5

More or less concept

Problem 1: A reduction of 25% in the price of the sugar enables a person to purchase 4kg more for 800 RS. Find the original and current price per kg?

Solution: Let the original price = x

Reduced price = \frac{3x}{4}



Original price x=66.66

Reduced price=\frac{3x}{4}=\frac{3\times 66.66}{4}=50

Shortcut: 25% \rightarrow \frac{1}{4}


1 \rightarrow 4

3 \rightarrow 3*4=12

4 \rightarrow 4*4=16

\frac{800}{12}=66.66         \frac{800}{16}=50

Problem 2: Due to 30% increase in the price of apples, 6 apples are less available for RS 520. Find the new price and the old price of an apple?

Solution :30%  \rightarrow \frac{3}{10}

3 \rightarrow 6

1 \rightarrow 2



\frac{520}{26}=20            \frac{520}{20}=26

old price=20               new price=26

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